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Truck Games

Hello truck games fan and welcome to the truck games category from Check out our vast collection of free online truck games, pick one and get the race started. Drive amazing trucks in all sort of landscapes from beach, to mountain, urban or even arctic ones and enjoy the complete traveling experience from your own chair. Get to the steering wheel of your big powerful truck and put the entire world at your feet. Enjoy the power sensation provided by driving a truck on the highway and feel the fear of the other cars. Take your truck, enter the best truck competitions in the world and prove that you are the fastest and the most dangerous truck driver from the championship. All the games from this category have great graphics and the most realistic truck models to ride in. In some games you earn money that you can use to buy upgrades for your truck. Spend the money wise and improve the acceleration, top speed, handling and braking features of your truck. What are you waiting for? Hop into a truck and have tons of fun by playing one of our free online truck games!

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