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Play Upipe Skateboard

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Description: Are you a skateboard fan? Now is your chance to perform a lot of breath taking skateboard tricks and become famous in the entire world for your talent. Even if you aren't a pro, by practicing every day these amazing tricks you can become a skateboard celebrity very fast and also you can have a lot of fun while training. In this free online 3D Skateboard game, your objective is very simple, but difficult to accomplish. You will earn points for every trick you make. Jump very high above the skate park and perform the most impressive tricks so you can finish the competition on the first position. Shine and have the best time ever while playing the Upipe Skateboard free online 3D game!

Control: Arrow keys + X to hold tricks and arrow keys + C for One Shot Tricks.

Tags: 1 Player, 3D Games, Skateboard Game, Free Online Sports Games, Miniclip Games, 3D Skateboard Games, Skate park Games, Skateboard Tricks

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