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Description: Zombies Don't Run is a free online Unity3D game that offers a very realistic running experience. You are in the middle of the zombie apocalypse armed with only a baseball bat. You have a single chance to escape because once you slip, the zombies will get you and you will be gone for good. So run along the abandoned highway, jump after obstacles and hit with your baseball bat as many zombies as you can. Will you be able to handle the pressure? Press the play button and see how far you can get. Enjoy this amazing 3D zombie game. Good luck!

Control: Use the arrow keys to move and Space to attack.

Tags: 1 Player, Unity 3D, New 3D games, Best zombie games, Free online games, Action, Running games, Obstacles, Apocalypse, Blood, Violence, Wandering games, Play Zombies Don't Run on

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