Newest Games on Welcome to the amazing world of WanderinGames. If you like online games and if you want them to be free of charge, then congratulations my friend because you are in the right place. Our team is in a parmenant chase for the coolest online flash games on the web so we can deliver them to you right away. This, along with our passion for games is what makes one of the best flash games portals out there. Visit us every day and enjoy the best online games collection that you can find. DESERT DIRT MOTOCROSS Desert Dirt Motocross is a skill hill racing and driving motocross game with very skilled opponents and challenging tracks. Prove your driving skills in 13 intense levels the game has to offer and unlock after each 3 levels new bikes engines to be able to keep up with your rivals. Good luck and have fun playing this free online motocross game!]]> BOWLING Are you ready for some bowling? If the answer is yes take a partner and start playing bowling online for free in this new online multiplayer game. If you don't feel ready, you can sharpen your bowling skills in the single player mode. Use the mouse to set the direction for the bowling ball and release the mouse to throw it. Be better than your opponent to win the game or make as many points as possible in the single player mode. Achieve a lot of strikes and enjoy this free online bowling game!]]> CAKE PIRATE 2 Experience how difficult it can be to bake in pirate bay in this new tower defense game. Here the pirates are greedy and they are trying to steel the cup cakes. Your mission is to make sure they won't steel the goodies anymore. So defend the cakes from the enemy by building a perfect defense. Place the towers in the best possible way so you can stop the pirates. Sell and upgrade them in the best manner so that you can achieve your purpose. Have a blast fighting the nasty prates in this free online tower defense game!]]> WILE COYOTE AND ROAD RUNNER If you are in the mood for some action try this free online Unity 3D game with the famous Disney characters Wile Coyote and Road Runner. In this 3D cartoon game you must get rid of the Coyote and lure him into traps. Be sneaky and show the Coyote once again who is the boss on the road. So run for your life Road Runner and have a blast playing this Unity 3D cartoon game! ]]> ZOMBIE SOCCER Looking for a fun and strange football game to play online for free and kill the boredom? Zombie Soccer is the right online sport game for you because the player is undead and instead of balls you kick skulls in a goalpost made of bones. If you think this zombie game is a piece of cake, you couldn't be more wrong, because you will find out that the graveyard is not as friendly as you think for a football player. But don't worry, with a little practice you will become the most notorious zombie football player out there. To play the game you have to aim and set the right angle so the ball reaches the gate. Enjoy, good luck and give the best you have to make the zombie team proud!]]> THE SCOOBY DOO GREAT CHASE The detective snack eater dog Scooby Doo and his friends have opened the chest of demons and now the ghosts are free and they try to capture the Mystery Machine. Don't say zoinks and press the play button to start this exciting driving adventure. You are the chauffeur of the mystery machine and you have only one purpose: to stay alive. Look in the mirror and see if you are chased by a demon. Stay one step ahead of him and take care not to hit any obstacles on the road. Don't get into the forest because who knows what strange creatures you will find. Take the shiny items from the road to restore your energy and receive points. When the demon is very close you can use the boost to get rid of him. Good luck because you'll need it to get at the end of this scary, realistic 3D journey without getting injured. Enjoy this free online Scooby Doo 3D game and drive safe through the dark forest!]]> V8 PRO PARKING Are you looking for a new parking challenge to try for free? Press play and start your pro super car parking adventure right away. I must warn you, it won't be easy because powerful cars like Porsche, Mustang and Bugatti are not easy to handle, especially in crowded places like the ones from this free parking game. Just a little mistake and you will have crashed a very expensive car, so only a pro driver can handle this parking challenge. This parking adventure consists of 10 levels and 20 hard parking spots. Your first task is to park a Porsche with 350 HP, and if you manage to survive you will receive even more powerful cars. Have fun controlling a 4 wheel beast and enjoy this free online parking game!]]> PRO BMX CHALLENGE Prove your skills in 10 insane levels you have to face. In order to complete the levels you have to make tricks and earn points. After doing this you will be able to unlock new levels, tricks and bikes. Try your skills in the first level, this is the training level where all tricks are unlocked. In the first 2 levels you will have to earn your points only with back and front flips. Enjoy this challenging free online BMX game!]]> MUD FIRE Are you ready to take part in the ultimate racing challenge? Play this free online Unity 3D game and find out. Compete with other off road racers and make sure you are the first one that reaches the finish line. After you win the races, use the money you earned to buy additional equipment for your vehicle and also new cars that. Hop into your furious vehicle and enjoy this free online 3D game. Hurry up because the engine is already running!]]> MONSTER TRUCK HERO Get to the wheel of a powerful monster truck and enjoy the realism that Monster Truck Hero Unity 3D game provides. Destroy everything that comes in your path with this monstrous vehicle in a 3D experience you will never forget.Perform huge jumps and see how it's like to see the world from the air while standing in your modified truck. Enjoy and have fun playing this free online 3D monster truck game!]]> FREE RUNNING 2 If you ever seen the Free-Running and Parkour superstars and you wanted to try some dangerous tricks, then you will definitely enjoy Free Running 2. This is a free online 3D game made in Unity where you have to reach a destination in a limited amount of time. In order to get to the indicated spot you must jump from one building to another and perform dangerous tricks that you couldn't do in real life without risking your life. Enjoy the stunning 3D graphics, the new moves, game modes and challenges offered by this incredible Unity 3D running game.]]> DREAM CHASER Start running and save the realm of gods in this free online Unity 3D game. You are a night spirit and your mission is to restore the peace after the realm has been thrown into disarray. Control young Nito's path in his chase and collect dream orbs that send him accelerating around obstacles and leaping over pitfalls. Enjoy this adventure in a magic world and run like you never have before in order to ensure the peace to the realm.]]> MONSTER BUGGY MADNESS Enter a challenging competition with a powerfull modified buggy truck and compete with other skilled drivers in this free online buggy car game. Check out the cool and futuristic landscape of the game, but focus on being the first driver that reaches the finish line safe and sound. The terrain is very tricky so make sure you keep your balance and you don't crash your buggy car. Improve your driving skills with every race and leave your opponents behind in every one of the 10 levels the game has to offer. Enjoy! ]]> BOARDER X BATTLE If you are a fan of extreme sports, get ready to compete in the x Games boarder competition. Enjoy a snowboard realistic experience in this free online winter sport game and experience the competition adrenaline on the snowboard track. You ride along other three talented boarders so prove that you have what it takes to beat them and win the race.Good luck!]]> PARTY VAN MADNESS If you enjoyed playing Carmageddon, you will definitely like this free online truck game named Party Van Madness. Your mission is to destroy the city and the citizens and to get to the checkpoints and to the finish line as soon as possible. Every time you drive over a person you get bonus points. The difficulty is to maintain your balance. If you drove over a bottle of alcohol you might have difficulty in controlling the truck, so be very careful not to crash the vehicle, because the game will be lost. So start your terror and killing spree right away and have a great time playing this free online truck game! ]]> FALLEN EMPIRE Fallen Empire is a free online fantasy tower defense game. You must create a strategy to defend your base and place towers to destroy the evil monsters that are invading your territory. The attackers from your fantasy world travel on ground and by air so be careful when choosing your towers. You can upgrade your towers once you have enough money or sell them and buy new and more powerful ones. Do anything to keep the enemies out and have a great time playing the Fallen Empire free online tower defense game! Enjoy! ]]> EXTREME EXPLORER TRUCK Are you ready for a very exciting trip in the jungle? Hop into your explorer truck and play this free online truck game. Discover the sumatera forest, a dangerous place known for its extreme field, and raise funds for "Save Wildlife" foundation. Good driving skills are extremely necessary for this amazing trip. Drive carefully so you don't crash the truck and lose the game. Make your journey easier by gathering points and spending them in the shop on upgrades. Enjoy your jungle trip and have the best time ever!]]> MONSTER TRUCK IN SPACE Get behind the wheels of a modified Monster truck specially prepared for space. Test and improve your driving skills on some of the hardest lands a car has ever been. Your mission is to explore a dead planet and make it safe to the finish. There was a war long ago on the planet and there are still mines and bombs active. So use your canon and shoot your way throw all obstacles and all the objects in way. Good luck and have fun!]]> CANNON BASKETBALL 2 Cannon Basketball 2 is a free online skill game where you have to use logic and find ways to unlock the mechanism and clear the way to the basket so you can shoot the ball into it. Be careful because this game can become very addictive once you reach the more advanced levels where clearing the way for the basketball can become very tricky. In some stages you might have to use a teleporter to reach your target. Enjoy this free online thinking game and visit us every day to play the best free online games from the web!]]> BIG SNOW TRICKS Are you ready for a new winter sport challenge. Press the play button and start training for the winter in this free online 3D winter sport game. The purpose of this game is to control the player and do amazing tricks in the air using your ski or snowboard equipment and skills while enjoying the stunning graphics that this 3D winter sport game has to offer. So have a wonderful time jumping with your snowboard or skiing and become a winter sport champion. Try to perform the best tricks and make sure you don't fall and hurt yourself. After you ace this game feel free to try some other fun free online winter sport or snowboard games that we host on our website! ]]>