Random Games on WanderinGames.com http://wanderingames.com Welcome to the amazing world of WanderinGames. If you like online games and if you want them to be free of charge, then congratulations my friend because you are in the right place. Our team is in a parmenant chase for the coolest online flash games on the web so we can deliver them to you right away. This, along with our passion for games is what makes WanderinGames.com one of the best flash games portals out there. Visit us every day and enjoy the best online games collection that you can find. RALLY POINT 3 Do you like speed and extreme driving? It is time to play the Rally Point 3 free online 3D drifting game where you travel in amazing places of the world and perform the most dangerous drifting stunts without the risk of accidents. You have to choose from 3 different tracks and another 3 that can be unlocked. You can select an amazing ride from one of the 6 extremely powerful cars available and try the most intense drifting moves ever. If you like cars and you are a drifting fan, you will definitely enjoy this realistic free online 3D drifting experience. Have the best time ever!]]> http://wanderingames.com/games/rally-point-3.html LEGION OF RED WOLVES Your name is Elliot and you were sent by a foreign legion to annihilate a terrorist group called the "Red Wolves". Your primary objective is to find their leader and destroy him. But watch out because your mission is not easy at all. Other three mercenaries were sent before you to complete the same job, but unfortunately, they failed. Now they are war prisoners so you have to find and rescue them. If you like free action shooting games, Legion of Red Wolves will give more adrenaline that you could ever imagine. Use your shooting skills and machine gun to kill all the terrorists and return to your leaders full of glory. Enjoy this thrilling free online action shooting game. Good luck to you soldier! ]]> http://wanderingames.com/games/legion-of-red-wolves.html TRUCK WARS Truck Wars free online new truck games. Are you looking to have some fun with some new monster trucks games? Do you like smashing cars and your rivals with powerful monster truck? Fulfill your need for speed and destruction in Truck Wars! Upgrade your truck to be the best on the track. Complete levels by winning races, destroying your opponents' trucks, and avoiding the police. Gain the advantage over opponents by damaging their vehicles with your weapon and using nitro, which is earned by doing flips. Customize your truck as you unlock new designs, weapons, armor and wheels. Prove you are the best truck driver in this new online truck game called Truck Wars. Good Luck!]]> http://wanderingames.com/games/truck-wars.html NINJA MASTER Play the Ninja Master free online fighting game and experience a dangerous and exciting adventure. A beautiful princess was kidnapped and it is up to you, a young and brave ninja, to save her and help with her return. In order to free the princess you must deliver the fake scroll to Burraku castle. The path you are now following is full of danger so be extremely careful. If you want the mission to be successful, make sure you stock the best weapons and items. Fight your opponents as good as you can and prove you are worthy of your ninja master title. Don't waste any time and start the adventure right away. Enjoy this free online ninja game!]]> http://wanderingames.com/games/ninja-master.html MILITARY CAMP PARKING Join a session of intense military training in the Military Camp Parking free online game. Enter the army as a tank driver and park your tank where your superiors tell you to. You can find the spot by following the arrow. The tricky part is that the military camp is full of obstacles and you need very good driving and parking skills to finish your mission. Also, this is a race against time because you must park your tank on the indicated spot before the time runs out. Prove your driving and parking skills in 8 challenging levels and have the best time ever. Good luck and enjoy this free online tank parking game!]]> http://wanderingames.com/games/military-camp-parking.html BOX 10 ATV Box 10 ATV is a free online ATV game where you have to drive with your brand new ATV vehicle through the desert. If you want to improve your ATV driving skills, now is your chance to do that, because Box 10 ATV free online game offers 20 levels for you to practice. And where else could you do that if not in the middle of the desert, in an amazing decor. Your only mission is to drive your ATV to the finish line and get there unharmed. Watch out, because if you do a wrong move, you will crash and your brand new ATV will explode. Now wouldn't that be a shame? But enough with the talk, press the play button and win yourself a great ATV adventure in the Box 10 ATV free online flash game. Enjoy! ]]> http://wanderingames.com/games/box-10-atv.html FALLEN EMPIRE Fallen Empire is a free online fantasy tower defense game. You must create a strategy to defend your base and place towers to destroy the evil monsters that are invading your territory. The attackers from your fantasy world travel on ground and by air so be careful when choosing your towers. You can upgrade your towers once you have enough money or sell them and buy new and more powerful ones. Do anything to keep the enemies out and have a great time playing the Fallen Empire free online tower defense game! Enjoy! ]]> http://wanderingames.com/games/fallen-empire.html STUNT PILOT 2 SAN FRANCISCO If you like plane stunts, press the play button and get to the wheel of one of this beautiful planes ant start performing. Be a stunt pilot in San Francisco and amaze the world with your driving and racing skills. In the free flash online games Stunt Pilot 2: San Francisco you have to race against the clock and go through a dangerous but challenging track. Fly through giant rings and make sure you don't crash into them because you will lose the game. Navigate the courses in the fastest time possible and finish the race with honors. Enjoy this amazing 3D game!]]> http://wanderingames.com/games/stunt-pilot-2-san-francisco.html GUNROX ZOMBIE OUTBREAK Kill all zombies to beat each level. Protect your civilians and don't let the zombies get them otherwise they die and turned to zombies. If all civilians die you must restart the level. Be careful not to hurt your civilians with friendly fire.Collect cash and use it to purchase upgrades in the upgrade store. Gunrox Zombie Outbreak it's your online free game! Have fun!]]> http://wanderingames.com/games/gunrox-zombie-outbreak.html RACHEL BILSON Rachel Bilson, the well-known actress, is heading to the red carpet for her new movie premier and photoshoot. Help her find the hottest fashions she needs to look beautiful and irresistible. Have fun!]]> http://wanderingames.com/games/rachel-bilson.html HEROES KNOCKOUT Welcome to the ultimate racing challenge that the Heroes Knockout free online cartoon game offers. This is the place where all the famous cartoon characters meet to decide who should win the title of the best racer in the cartoon world. Be a part of it and start a very intense race in this ultimate racing competition. Compete against very famous cartoon characters like Ben 10, Sonic, Sponge Bob or Scooby Doo and prove to all of them that you have what it takes to become the most successful cartoon racer. Improve your driving skills and enjoy the adrenaline that this free online racing games offers. Good luck!]]> http://wanderingames.com/games/heroes-knockout.html KINGDOM RUSH Your kingdom is under attack and it is up to you to save it. Build towers so that you can destroy the incoming hordes of enemies. In the realm of your kingdom live very nasty creatures. Evil wizards, orcs, trolls have united their powers to attack your kingdom. Now you have to defend your territory against them. Use your arsenal wisely and stop them from reaching your gates. Find the best strategy to defend your kingdom and enjoy this free online tower defense game. Good luck!]]> http://wanderingames.com/games/kingdom-rush.html POLICE CAR PARKING If you are looking for a new parking challenge, you are in the right place. Play this free online parking game and see if you have what it takes to be a successful policeman. As a cop you need solid driving skills because you must always be faster than the bad guys you are chasing. Also, you need a very powerful car, and what would be a better choice to practice your driving and parking skills than an American muscle car? In this game , patience and precision is the key to success, so don't drive too fast because you won't be able to avoid all the obstacles in the city. If you hit too many obstacles you will destroy your car and the villains will get away with it. Good luck and enjoy this free online parking game!]]> http://wanderingames.com/games/police-car-parking.html VALET PARKING 2 Valet Parking 2 is a free online parking game where you have a very interesting and challenging mission. You take the role of a parking attendant and you earn money from parking other people's cars. When a new car arrives to the parking lot you will be told to park the car in a specific parking place number. After the customers finish their visit they will let you know on which parking bay they are parked on. So your mission is very easy: once they come you have to park on a specific spot and when they leave you must give their cars back. Now it's a good chance to prove your parking skills because you are not allowed to crash the people's cars. If you aren't such a skilled driver and you won't be able to avoid the obstacles, penalties will be applied. When you won't have any money left, the game will be over. This is a very fun and challenging game because you have to move very fast. There is a continuous flow of cars arriving and people that want to leave. So act fast and good. Mistakes will not be tolerated. So good luck and enjoy this extremely intense and fun free online parking game! ]]> http://wanderingames.com/games/valet-parking-2.html CROQUEMBOUCHE COOKING Croquembouche Cooking a free online game for girls. This is a special dish for the kitchen girls.Do you love French dessert? How about a delicious dessert Croquembouche? How about a yummy croquembouche? Choose your favorite design and begin to decorate your croquembouche-ment with frosting whipped cream and fruits. Prove your cooking skills in this new free online flash game and be the best kitchen girl ever. Play fun cooking games for girls and check out more girls games! Good Luck!]]> http://wanderingames.com/games/croquembouche-cooking.html TRAILER RACING Trailer Racing is a free online racing game where instead of competing with regular cars, you control giant, long trucks. What makes this racing game extremely challenging is the fact that driving a truck is very difficult, especially if you must be as fast as you can and pass the finish line first. Being at the wheel of a truck and taking care it stays on track isn't as easy as you may think. You need to have excellent driving skills for that, but don't worry, you have all the time in the world to practice, because no costs are involved. The best part of this free online racing game is that you can challenge a friend in a head to head competition and see which one of you is the most skilled driver out there. Enjoy this exciting free racing game and don't forget to share it with your friends!]]> http://wanderingames.com/games/trailer-racing.html MOTOCROSS MOUNTAIN MADNESS If you are looking for some quality motocross bike games to play for free you should definitely check out this new awesome flash game called Motocross Mountain Madness. Here, you will face on a rocky landscape, some very skilled opponents that you will have to beat in a head to head race to the finish line. Check out your motocross driving and racing skills and see if you can be faster than the other competitors on a very challenging track in the mountains. So if you have what it takes to be a champion, you should show it to the world in these 23 intense levels that the Motocross Mountain Madness free online game has to offer. And because you are facing some of the best motocross racers in the world, at every five levels you can unlock more powerful bikes to use in your adventure. Practice your balance and ability to jump over obstacles in the easy mode and when you master it, switch to hard mode. Enjoy this adventure and good luck defeating your opponents in this free online flash game!]]> http://wanderingames.com/games/motocross-mountain-madness.html ANGRY BIKER Angry Biker free online motorcycle games. If you are looking to have some fun with some new free online bike or motorcycle games online for free, then here on vitalitygames we present you a game called Angry Biker. The game it's not similar to the famous game Angry birds do to his similar name. Drive a bike through different obstacles and jumping circuits getting all the points you can to reach the next level. So have fun with this free online bike game and be the best driver on this game. Enjoy]]> http://wanderingames.com/games/angry-biker.html PECAN PIE Are you hungry? Treat yourself with a piece of the delicious pecan pie. This awesome type of food is made of corn syrup or molasses and pecan nuts. It is very popular on holidays when everybody from the Southern US cooks pecan pie. You have to use ingredients like vanilla and salt as flavors. Some of the pecan pie fans also use chocolate to spice up the recipe. When it is finished you can serve it with either whipped cream or maple syrup. Did we awaken your interest? Press the play button and start cooking pecan pie. Improve your cooking skills and enjoy playing the Pecan pie cooking game! ]]> http://wanderingames.com/games/pecan-pie.html BOARDER X BATTLE If you are a fan of extreme sports, get ready to compete in the x Games boarder competition. Enjoy a snowboard realistic experience in this free online winter sport game and experience the competition adrenaline on the snowboard track. You ride along other three talented boarders so prove that you have what it takes to beat them and win the race.Good luck!]]> http://wanderingames.com/games/boarder-x-battle.html